, fitness and skills coaching for endurance athletes

About the coach: With over 20 years of riding and racing experience throughout the New Jersey area, Ben Tufford is familiar with the training roads and race courses that are available in the New Jersey area.

Coach Ben Tufford

He has redirected his focus to coaching in order to help other athletes maximize their training time and reach their race or fitness goals.

His coaching goals include helping clients to reduce their learning curve, prepare specifically for the events they plan to enter, diagnose and improve their weaknesses, and reach their short and long-term goals.


Mission : Cognition Endurance Sports Coaching LLC

Road Racing Cognition Endurance Sports Coaching was founded in 2010.

Cognition is committed to helping the developing endurance athlete reach their goals quickly and efficiently, using sound principles and common sense training.

Each athlete has individual circumstances in which to train. They have unique goals, disciplines of sport, strengths and weaknesses.

Cognition is committed to helping each athlete reach their individual goals and navigate potential hurdles along the way.


Mountainbike Racing

No two athletes are the same. Each has unique goals and training objectives.

The lifestyle of each athlete has demands including work, family, and other activities.

Cognition training plans are also unique.

Periodization training which is widely accepted and endorsed by organizations such as USA Cycling and USA Triathlon, will be applied in order to prepare the athlete for their goal events. It will include multiple training phases throughout the year which focus on different aspects of fitness, skill development and mental preparedness.

cognition (kŏgnĭšən) — n
  1. the mental act or process by which knowledge is acquired, including perception, intuition, and reasoning
  2. the knowledge that results from such an act or process
[ C15: from Latin cognitio; from cognoscere; from co- (intensive) + noscere (to learn); see know ]