, fitness and skills coaching for endurance athletes

Cognition training packages:

Basic Plan:

  • Initial consultation to evaluate athlete's training history. Discuss short and long-term goals with the athlete. Review calendar of events and designate events they wish to enter. Organize events by priority in relation to goals. Discuss athlete's current strengths and weaknesses.
  • Create a free athlete account on for those who do not have one. Link any existing TP users to my professional account. Provide a tutorial of basic features for inputting data.
  • Create an Annual Training Plan (ATP) for the athlete. Review the plan with the athlete to confirm the training hours required to reach goals.
  • Provide daily workouts via TrainingPeaks on a bi-weekly basis. These workouts would be individually tailored to improve weaknesses and achieve the athlete's goals.
  • Review of data collected as required to make adjustments to the plan and workouts.
  • Weekly email from coach to preview goals for the upcoming week.
  • Monthly phone conversation to discuss details and gain feedback.
Cost: $100/month

Premium Plan:

Includes everything in the Basic Plan, plus ...
  • Analysis of all data collected by athlete using WKO+ software.
  • Unlimited email and phone correspondence between athlete and coach.
  • Occasional ride or workout with coach. * Subject to coach/athlete availability.
  • Personal on-bike instruction provided by coach. Topics include; bike handling, cornering technique, sprinting form, race strategy, etc. * Subject to coach/athlete availability.
  • Periodic demo of power meter equipment to evaluate the benefits of training with power.
Cost: $200/month

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